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Winter Wear


Stay on trend with fashion-forward thinking that meets the highest standards of excellence. That’s what we are all about. Our apparel store provides upscale and exclusive clothing that meets every expectation for fine outerwear. Your New York experience should include BILLIONSBURGH exclusive apparel to keep you comfortable and on-trend. There’s no better time than now to introduce your wardrobe to the cut and color of our fine line of clothing. With outstanding customer service, quality material, and secure shopping, your boutique purchase starts with us.

We know there’s no room for error when it comes to your fashion. Culture influences clothing, and providing our customers with what they want to see and wear is our mission. Our products offer unique alternatives to big box store styles. We offer the exceptional quality you expect from branded clothing. Make the change to promote your look with a fearless and innovative approach. There are no limits in fashion, and our apparel store is here to support your image. Our company stands behind every product in our line, and we always ensure you get exactly what you expect. Browse through our selection and choose fresh, creative clothing that shows off your excellent taste and wear BILLIONSBURGH with confidence.

Grey Tracksuit

Welcome to BILLIONSBURGH—where brilliance meets boldness and where innovation is driven by the trendsetting styles of our cultural surroundings. As a brand created in New York, we're motivated to create customized clothing inspired by the people and cultures that make up our lives here in NYC. People come to us for fresh, unique, and detailed apparel and accessories that never compromise on quality. The BILLIONSBURGH name stands for quality above all else. We use the best materials to create the best apparel for the best customers—and all at a price you'll love.


Never Take No For An Answer

At BILLIONSBURGH, our brand stands for the values that everyone needs to succeed: determination, hustle, and drive. We work hard every day to exemplify these behaviors and act as a positive role model for the young people of our communities. Our goal is to show people what they can truly achieve when they follow their hearts and refuse to take no for an answer.

Customer Service You Can Count On

You're more than just our customer—you're our family, our friend, and a part of our community. And we believe in looking out for the people who support us. Depend on us for fast, friendly, and thoughtful customer service. If an issue arises, you can rest assured that we'll find a win-win solution, so you walk away happy. Contact us today to experience the customer service that has impressed our community members since our founding over five years ago.